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New design developments create a synthesis among energy, manufacturing, information and materials...

What We Do

ERI has 10 years experience managing materials for a variety of customers including semiconductor and hard drive manufacturers; refineries and petroleum distribution facilities; pulp and paper manufacturers; cement, steel and aluminum facilities; local, state and federal government. ERI’s network of facilities and materials extend worldwide and include end users and suppliers working together to find beneficial reuse of materials as byproducts.

A Long Term View

Materials Reuse Development is evolving rapidly. A complex web connecting material supply and need, technology development and implementation, market creation and cultivation with regulatory change and oversight has emerged from a simpler time. Local, national and international program development is bound by this growing complexity. Long term viability for materials reuse has grown with fits and starts from early efforts to match materials with end users. Reductions in liability, meeting a higher definition of recycling, and cost savings are driving long term permanent changes to the way materials flow.

Experienced Oversight

ERI’s technical and market expertise offer front end evaluation advantages for prospective clients. Our regulatory and materials management experience completes the closed loop oversight that delivers results and minimizes time to final objectives.

Comprehensive Analysis

ERI’s evaluation process begins with discussion and analysis. Early direction is agreed upon and a timeline established to achieve short term objectives leading to materials movement that is long term, viable and limited liability.

Effective Programs

ERI’s Material Management Specialists oversee ongoing management of program details. Materials handling, transportation, regulatory reporting and ongoing evaluation of program viability ensures long term fits that are turnkey and effective.

ERI’s network of materials include byproducts of:

  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Petroleum Refining, Distribution and Marketing
  • State, Local and Federal Government
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Steel Production
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Foundries
  • Shipyards
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Energy (Coal, Coke, Natural Gas, Biomass, Tires)
  • Pozzolons (GBFS, Cementatious Material)